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This month’s collection is a mash up of functional finds and fun gems for design and development. All of the tools that can help web designers in finding stolen image, visually appealing emails, and a website filled with terrible colors. These tools are not restricted to find all copyright information to help you find new APIs, design and development tweets new typefaces.  Additionally, all listed items are free for the month of July except for some premium typefaces and tools.

Here is the list of tools available for designers and development:


FLUBBER is an amazing old geometry shapes library for creating smooth shape animations. It provides best guess of interpolation for any two arbitrary shapes. Check out live example of smooth animation without overthinking it.


API’s List

Looking for an API’s (Application Programming Interface) or finding a set of subroutine definitions, protocols and tools for creating an applications can be sometimes cumbersome. This curated list of API’s includes information about API type, what they do and provide formatting options supported formats and libraries. Users can also make a list of APi’s that they want to use it in future.

API List

Type Hero

Test Google fonts in a more stylish and realistic environment with this font testing tool. It provides an option to pick background and type, and then test anything in Google font’s collection.

Tweet Snippet

Tweetsnippet is a tool that is used to organise tips and tricks taken from designers and developers on twitter. This application is created in Laravel, JavaScript and Twitter APi to inhabit tweets. The best thing about this tool you don’t have to scroll tweets to find out designers tweets and also can be sorted in category wise.

Golden Ratio Grid

The Golden Ratio Grid is a perfect tool to place elements in perfect harmony. The golden ratio (1:1.16) is considered as the perfect shape based on math. It is used in design, art and architecture as far back as 4000 years. The mathematical shape and principle is rooted in nature.

Invoice Template

If you are a freelancer in web design and development niche, then this would be one of the best tool for invoicing to the clients. InvoiceTemplate is a free tool that can be used to create professional invoice with proper formatting for every individual freelancers and small business owners.

Invoice Template


Jalendar is a calendar plugin that uses a JQuery and JavaScript library to list events, link to days, selected dates and more. It comes with plenty of designs and customisation options that includes date type, format and unlimited colour pallets.


Create responsive email campaign with this new e-mail editor. The template is very simple and visually appealing, providing an easy way to connect with the users and deliver emails faster. Its free but pro version includes more features.

E-Mail Template

Matte Mockups

Matte Mockups is a free collection of Phone and Tablet mockups made in CSS3. You just have to place an image, video, or gif and custom markup inside the minimalistic device and get cool presentation of the project.

Matte Mockups

API Tester

API tester is a tool where you can test your API. It takes only few clicks to make https requests, extract values from the responses, asset the value are corrects, reuse variables, or inject custom logic using JavaScript. Create a test case and run in a few click with API Tester.



Typold is a geometric sans serif typeface that’s makes easy to read text. The full version includes nine weights and matching italics, three separate widths, 1,000 characters with an alternative lowercase a and y, small-caps, 12 variations of numerals, inferiors, superiors, fractions, case sensitive punctuation, plus extended symbols including emojis.


Kaleidoscope Doodler is a fun pen that you might find yourself staring at for hours. This doodler demo will let you change constraints and play.


Looking for image protection? Copypants is a tool that helps you protect your images library by searching the web for duplicates. In addition, the tool is actually backed by a team of legal professionals that will take care of copyright violations for you or request payment for image use. This could be the greatest tool for photographers, illustrators or artists who always worry about copyright violations and image theft.



All of the tools are easy to use and organised by highly professional web designers and developers in order to manage things and use them in appropriate manners. You can use all of these free tools in designing and development to save time and make it more visually appealing.

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