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Possibly, one of the most exciting prospects for moving in the field of web development is the ability to simply get into right away! Unlike many professions that require months or even a years of training, with web design and development you can easily get started today if you have felt the fire of learning and discovery simmer under your feet!

The best way to start a feel for how web development works are the numerous free, self-guided online web design and web development courses available that covers the basic programming introductions to development best practices.

Why Learn Web Development Online

Online learning runs a bit counter to tradition three or fours years university program. Until a few years ago, it was close to impossible to find a web development course in a traditional college setting. In recent years, this has gotten a bit better, but learning web development online still requires a self-motivation.

As a still emerging field, your skills as a web developer are often evaluated by the strength of your portfolio rather than your credentials. Building up samples of work is going to be your most valuable asset in the field of web development and experience is paramount. This isn’t to write-off entirely the value of a proper college education. Rather, it’s to tell you that, if you cannot attend a regular university. Or have chosen to study something else there, then you are far from lost. A moderated level of the community for self-learners, including myself. The best way to building a website for a living is to start website building on your own. The strength of your skills and your own motivation will be the strongest factors in how far you are able to take it.

Fortunately, there are a lot of online resources that can help you get started. We are lucky to be working in an industry that is growing exponentially, and the skills needed are out there for you to learn. But you also will be required to drive yourself and push to fulfil your skill set. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the creature of the crop web development courses and highlight what they can each offer you and a section of the best resources or tools to check it out. You can learn both skills online at any time and anywhere.


Udemy serves as more of platforms than a structured approach to learning. Using Udemy, Instructor can set up courses which are meant to be extremely comprehensive and independent learning tracks that teach you a particular skill that you are opted for. Like Lynda, Udemy offers a wide range of course offerings in both web development and related fields. The strength of Udemy courses rests on the skills of the instructor, so before taking a course there it is worthwhile to research the instructor’s credentials.UDEMY

Each course has a price, and you will get unlimited videos related to the course as well as the connection of Udemy student community. Udemy is the most importantly skills-driven website and is best if you are trying to get started with a specific skill like HTML5 or CSS fundamentals.


Codeacademy is another online course based learning site, but it takes a slightly different approach. For one, it is completely free, and rather than offer you a set of videos to learn from, you are walked through interactive examples which get your coding a right away.  Each example will show another facet of a particular programming language like PHP, HTML or CSS and through these examples, you build up knowledge of the code’s structure and semantics. Samples allow you to write code in the browser and your code is evaluated on the fly by the platform, accompanied by explanations and walkthroughs.

Learn Web Development

Without the background that comes through videos, you may miss out the theory behind the programming, but you will also get started building websites almost right away. Once you have learned how to use programming languages, it might be a bit easier to go out into the world.

Codeacademy has a fairly a small number of courses available. Most teach a specific programming language from beginning to end, but the site also offers two courses on how to make a website with no knowledge of development at all.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy was founded in 2006 by Salman Khan and has grown as full non-profit online education academy platform. It offers courses in a range of subjects, through its focus tends to be on math and science. Each course contains a series of videos that help you learn a new skill and interactive challenges that guide you along.Web Development Agency

The web development section of Khan Academy is still very new, and right now focuses on how to use JavaScript. If you’re looking for a good resource on HTML and CSS, you may want to look elsewhere but it offers a great way to get started with JS. Khan Academy is in the process of building out their web development section, so it’s something to keep an eye on in the future.

Tuts Plus

Last but not the least, Tuts Plus offers two ways to learn as the onsite free tutorial to get started with a specific JavaScript library or the fundamentals of CSS. These tutorials are great when you’re just starting out because they are coming with code samples you can take around in and take you step by step through the process of creating a website. Tuts Plus have dived into no time. And there are plenty of WordPress tutorials alongside HTML, CSS and JavaScript tutorials.  

Web Development

But the site also offers a premium option which takes a more course-based approach. You can purchase individual courses, which will teach you a specific skill in web development or you can subscribe a monthly plan which gives you an access to all of the courses. Tuts Plus exclusively focuses on web development over web design including front-end and back-end development. It also dives deep into a web development skill or a programming language and one of the learning resources out there that evaluate and demonstrate how to use different libraries out there like Ember, Backbone, Laravel, Ruby on Rails and a lot more.

If you are trying to expand your basic knowledge of web development and make really cool websites, Tuts Plus will show you.  


Lynda is an online educational institute offering a range of video courses taught by online instructors for a monthly fee. However, rather than making things into tracks, Lynda is simply given you access to thousands of courses which range from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Lynda is not only focused on web development, and has courses on animation, photography, music, and even education. But Lynda’s core competence and most comprehensive course offerings are available in web design and development. To get started, you simply need to find the course you want and take it.

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Each course is coming up with the series of videos, and depending on the course, a few examples for you to walk through and some sample code. The instructor is hired by Lynda, so you can be sure they are high quality.

If you are a kind of person who likes to jump straight into everything and works best by just learning some examples, then Lynda is probably the right choice for you!


If you have a hunger to acquire knowledge and eager to get started all of the online resources mentioned above can help you to learn web development online for free. You may want to dive deep, if you have already basic knowledge then you can have a premium subscription for the advancement of your current web development skills.

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