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Professionals commonly interpret things in different ways. A common belief, when marketers set instructions for the designer without the clear objective, is the designers has to revise the project multiple until they both are not satisfied with the final results.

Sometimes the task can be pointless, so much so that it’s quicker and easier for marketers to do themselves. But how can they manage, if they don’t have a knowledge of design? What if they nothing know about type, color combination, and compositions?

There are three common fears that prevent marketers from designing even a basic jobs:

  • Only designers can create interactive images.
  • It takes a lot of time to create an interactive image, video, or a landing page.
  • Learning design tools are expensive and too complicated to use.

Luckily, none of these myths is true. There are most of the tools that can help you create an image in less than five minutes, a video in minutes, and a landing page in 2 hours. Below you will find 3 tips and 3 tools that will help marketers create amazing designs.

Tip 1: Pick High-Quality Images

More than 90% of the information we get in visual, that’s why the high-quality image is a core element of any design. Good images attract or attention, make marketing material look professional, and help to boost a brand.

The internet is full of same vintage photographs that have been used thousands of times on other websites. So, you’ll see a difference when you start using high-quality royalty-free stock images. You can also buy vectors, illustrations and stock footage on stock photo sites like pixels, 500px and make the best fit for your projects.

Tip 2: Customise Your Marketing Material

You need to have unified style of all the marketing materials you have designed. It will be easier for people to recognize your brand and it will build a first impression. You can add a watermark to your brand name to your images and set some of the color palettes for associations.

Tip 3: Use Online Platforms

There are many online graphic design tools available that, you can use them to create a great content and marketing materials. Whether you are creating a presentation, a blog post or an animation, there are thousands of free templates available on the web.

They make things easier, as you don’t have to look for the colors that fit, select fonts, or learn composition rules. You’ll find pre-designed templates and easily customization. There are two best free creative tools are Pixlr and Canva for creating social media banners, covers, posters and animations.

3 Crucial Design Tools For Marketers


Crello is an online graphic design tool that offering thousand of stock images and free templates for your visuals. All of the templates and images were made by the professional designers which are absolutely free.Graphic Design ToolsThe standard plan is offering 31 basic formats including social media post, banners, flyers, posters, gifts, certificates and animations. More than 100 free fonts. You can pick your topic for your design. It is convenient if you need to prepare an image for holidays or special occasions.


Magisto is a video editing tool for your brands. It is not a free tool but the subscriptions plans start from $ 2.49 per month. You can make videos from your images or edit videos, then select the mood, add music and customize them.

Magisto Video Editor


Powtoon is a powerful animated video and presentations. You can choose your topic and category from free templates including personal, education and work purposes. You can upload your videos to YouTube in 480P including the small logo for free.


If you need a high-resolution video will be available at subscription from $19 per month without watermark.


Teaching marketers to design basic things for marketing can bring a huge impact on business growth. Give it a try. 

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