MeanStack Developer

At Tekki Web Solutions, we are delighted to welcome Hitesh Jain to our development team.

Hitesh brings far more than 6 years of experience in Project Coordination and Application Development. He also have expertise in automation test planning and managing quality assurance program in the organisation.  

In the terms of technology, he is well versed with JQuery, Ajax, MongoDB and Foundation frameworks, NodeJS, ExpressJs, and Ionic. His experience with Amazon Web Services with NodeJs Lambda Function, SQS, SES, DynamoDB, Cognito, API Gateway, Clock Watch, SNS handling are strong assets for his position.

He holds a Bachelor in Computer Application Degree from Arya College and Master in Computer Application from Gujranwala Guru Nanak Institute of Vocational Studies, Ludhiana in 2013.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn a professional network.

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